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Six Stylish Tips to Stay Warm in the Winter

  1. Obviously layers, but are you layering right? Layers work by creating insulating bubbles of warm air. A bunch of skintight layers of fabric won't help you much. That’s why women who live up north swear by snow skirts! (Honestly, sometimes I just layer up a maxi skirt over some sweatpants on my coffee runs. We’re living WFH style now baybey. And it lets me wear my cute skirts in the winter.)
  2. Sunglasses = windshields. Guard those peepers from the chill! Plus when it’s snowy, you get a ton of glare from the cloudy sky + snowy ground. It’s stylish and functional.
  3. Fur-lined hood. The fur breaks up the wind into fractals so it doesn’t smack into your face so hard. It’s not just for the look!
  4. A hot potato in the pocket. Trust me. It stays warm much longer than a hot water bottle. And then you have a snack for later. (Okay, maybe this tip isn't so stylish.)
  5. If you don’t have the most waterproof boots, wrap your feet in some thick socks, and then layer them up with a plastic bread bag! The plastic will keep your feet dry, and dry feet are toasty feet.
  6. A puffy coat = a warm coat. I know ladies, we like to get that stylish taper, but if your goal is to be toasty, you gotta go full marshmallow. It goes right back to those insulating bubbles. You gotta give the down some room to breathe!

If you have your own tips, shoot us an email at Make sure you put Cold Weather Tips in the subject line. We're always looking for ways to keep tiny fingers and toes warm in Chicago. If they work, we can add them to the list!


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